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About me as a


   After I left school my first Job was in photography the darkroom,       I then went on to work for IPC Magazines in thier photographic department, I left in 1970 to go as a full time freelance photographer working in the music business.   The next few years was the time of the teen idols like the Osmonds, Jackson 5 and glam bands Sweet,

Slade, David Cassidy and Marc Bolan all these this kept me very busy.

In 1975 I was asked to become Melody Makers Photographer that was when Punk Music started, I have had many majar bands in front of my lenses in the next six years, Paul MCcartney,in Abbey road studios recording London town, and others such as Sex Pistols,Roxy Music Who, Fleetwood Mac,Zepplien, to name just a few.

 The Sex Pistols were a commission for Melody Maker after the photo

shoot we were walking back to Virgin records when the policman thought there was something to investigate!!

    The John and Yoko picture  is backstage after thier peace concert in 1969 at the Lyceum London, when they played with such greats as George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie, Keith Moon Billy Preston, Tony Ashton and Yoko performing in her bag.

   Michael and Randy in the airplane cockpit are flying over Europe on thier 1972 tour because of the equipment on board seating was very tight,and finally "thats me in the" with Randy jackson in flight.

     I continued to photograph musicians and bands till the early 90s

 and now work on my classic car play a game of tennis and sell a few

pictures. For exhibition prints go to.  




John and Yoko Paul McCartney_2 Flying high Micheal and Randy Jackson